Bunny Apples Craft

Bunny Apples Craft

Bunny apples craft consists of natural materials, it looks simple, but cute. It is easy to make with a couple of apples, any two leaves and paper.

Craft materials:

  • 2 apples;
  • 2 oblong leaves;
  • gray paper;
  • Any eyes (paper, plastic);
  • Toothpicks;
  • Double sided tape.

Bunny Apples Craft Step by Step

Prepare two apples, one is better to take a slightly smaller size for the bunny’s head. Variety or color can be any. An excellent bunny is obtained from green apples, yellow. Dry leaves are best, as fresh ones can become deformed after a while. To avoid this unpleasant moment, fresh leaves can be ironed by placing them between two sheets of thick plain paper.

From gray paper, cut out small details:

  • Muzzle;
  • Two upper and two lower paws;
  • Cut out a round nose from black paper.

On the apple intended for the head, glue the eyes, muzzle with double-sided tape. Stick the leaves with a petiole into an apple to make long ears.

Bunny Apples Craft

Using one or two toothpicks, connect the head to the body.

Bunny Apples Craft

Glue the paws to the sides and bottom of the apple with double-sided tape.

Everything, the bunny apples craft is ready. This is a great craft idea for the fall holiday. You can also make such a bunny as an Easter craft by replacing the gray paper with blue or pink.

Bunny Apples Craft

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