Card with Felt Flamingo for Valentine’s Day

Card with Felt Flamingo

A easy card with felt flamingo for Valentine’s Day. The basis of the bird is felt multi-colored hearts, which give the work originality and volume.


  • Blue colored paper;
  • Yellow paper;
  • Red and pink paper;
  • Felt red, pink and burgundy;
  • Plastic eye;
  • Fuchsia and black felt-tip pen;
  • Figured hole punch for paper hearts;
  • Scissors, glue.

Card with Felt Flamingo for Valentine’s Day Step by Step

Prepare cardboard and paper for the background. Of course, cardboard is quite enough, but with a combination of two colors, the card will turn out with a edging. Accordingly, the yellow segment should be slightly smaller than the blue one.

Glue the yellow paper onto the blue cardboard to create the background of the card. It is quite possible to experiment with colors, a postcard looks different on a different background.

Cut out hearts of various sizes from felt of different colors. Felt is better not very soft. It is better to prepare the blank of hearts first on paper, and then redraw it on felt.

Card with Felt Flamingo

Glue the hearts on top of each other, and then on the paper base. In addition to glue, you can use double-sided tape.

Card with Felt Flamingo

Draw a neck with a beak at the top of the hearts, and legs at the bottom, one of which is bent. Glue on the eye.

Card with Felt Flamingo

Decorate the background with paper hearts. A card with felt flamingo for Valentine’s Day is ready. On the reverse side, it can be signed or left as is.

Card with Felt Flamingo

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