Clay and Chestnut Dog Craft

Clay and Chestnut Dog

Sculpting from clay is very easy and fun! After all, in the end you can get a wonderful flat or 3d craft. Today it is a clay and chestnut dog craft.

Materials for sculpting a dog:

  • clay black, white and brown;
  • 2 chestnuts;
  • plastic stack.

Clay and Chestnut Dog Craft: Modeling Steps

1. For the manufacture of the body and head, take two chestnuts. Such blanks are ideal both in color and in shape. Therefore, we cut off a small piece of brown clay. We knead and turn into a cake.

2. We connect the two parts together.

3. Now let’s prepare pieces of brown clay for the dog’s paws. So we get six balls.

4. Flatten. We turn four of them into a teardrop shape to get paws. With a stack we make strokes for the claws. The remaining two balls are slightly flattened and left alone without changing shape.

5. We attach all two pairs of legs to the lower part of the body. Then add two circles to the back.

6. Add a tail, which is also molded from brown clay.

Clay and Chestnut Dog

7. Cut off three pieces. One will be big, because you need to sculpt the front of the muzzle. Let’s make it elongated and look like a triangle. Then we create ears from two small pieces. They will also be triangular in shape, then thin. We attach on the sides of the head and slightly bend the tips.

Clay and Chestnut Dog

8. We sculpt a small nose from black clay, as well as eyes, additionally taking the white color of the material.

Clay and Chestnut Dog

It turns out such a wonderful clay and chestnut dog craft.

Clay and Chestnut Dog

Everything, the clay shark is ready.

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