Clay Dolphin Step by Step

Clay Dolphin

Clay dolphin for kids. A wonderful character that a child can make with his own hands, and then play with him, give to loved ones.

These cute mammals are distinguished by a good attitude towards people. Dolphins live in families and often help their sick relatives. Perhaps this instinct kicks in when they see a drowning person.

This tutorial shows the process of creating a dolphin, a wonderful representative of the aquatic world that kids can make.

For modeling you will need:

  • clay (white, blue and black);
  • stack;
  • plastic board.

Dolphin Clay: the Main Stages of Modeling

The main color in the proposed craft will be blue. It is from it that we first roll the ball.

Then we stretch this blank a little, narrowing it from two sides and forming the characteristic outlines of a dolphin, its elongated muzzle. It will turn out such a basis for the body of a dolphin.

Next we will add the fins. First we blind the dorsal fin, it will have the shape of a triangle. We fix this fin from above, and carefully smooth the junction.

In a similar way, that is, in the form of two triangles, we first sculpt the side fins, and then attach them to the dolphin.

Finally, you need to blind and add a tail. The base of blue clay is ready. In principle, the preparation is already quite a ready-made dolphin. But, you can give the craft an even more beautiful and complete look.

Clay Dolphin

For this we need white clay. We will form the abdomen of the animal with them. Roll out a plasticine sausage, the length of which is equal to the distance from the nose to the beginning of the tail. Then flatten it and stick it to the lower part of the torso.

Clay Dolphin

It remains to make eyes. To do this, you need to take a couple of pieces of white and black clay. Everything, the clay dolphin is completely ready.

Clay Dolphin

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