Clay Frog ​​for Kids Step by Step with a Photo

Clay Frog

In today’s tutorial, we have not just a frog, but the heroine of a famous fairy tale – a clay frog princess. Adhering to step-by-step photos, you can repeat this craft.

You will need:

  • green and gold clays;
  • decorative eyes;
  • plastic stack.

Clay Frog Princess Step by Step

First, prepare a blank for the body of the frog. It will be a large ball rolled from green clay. Then we stretch it a little, forming a cone.

Another ball will be smaller, we will make a frog head out of it. This ball needs to be slightly flattened.

In addition, we roll up a couple of small balls, from which we will make the basis for the eyes of the frog. We placed them next to the head in order to understand the ratio of the sizes of the blanks.

Now we connect the head with the body. For a more secure fastening, you can use a piece of a toothpick, which we insert into the body, and then we fix the head.

Prepare blanks for the legs of the frog. These will be sausages rolled from green clay. We make a couple of them a little longer, these are blanks for the hind legs.

Let’s start with the formation of the hind legs. To do this, we bend long blanks, and we ourselves make the lower part of the paws from three thin flagella connected to each other.

We make the front paws easier. To do this, we simply make a couple of cuts at the ends of the blanks with a plastic stack.

Now we attach all the legs to the body of the frog.

Clay Frog

Let’s take care of the eyes. With small balls we attach decorative eyes with movable pupils.

In this form, we fix the eyes on the head of the frog. With a stack we draw a mouth and designate the nostrils.

Clay Frog

It remains to make a crown, since we will have a frog princess. To do this, first roll up a ball of golden clay.

Then we form a crown, while we make out its upper part with the help of a stack. Then we fix the frog on the head. The clay frog is ready.

Clay Frog

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