Clay Donkey Step by Step for Kids

Clay Donkey

Bright clay donkey step by step. He is in many ways similar to the character of the famous cartoon.

You will need:

  • Clay blue, white, pink and black;
  • Also, an additional plastic stack may be required;
  • Carpet for modeling.

Clay Donkey Step by Step

Donkey Body

Let’s start creating crafts with the formation of the body. It will have the following shape, we sculpt it from blue clay.

We will make the donkey’s legs from small balls, they will be the same color as the body.

Attach the legs to the body.

This is what our clay craft looks like at this stage.

Head of a Donkey

Let’s start creating the head. First, the blank will be a ball of blue clay.

Then we modify it a little, give the workpiece the shape of a pear.

We cut off the lower part of this part (wide) with a plastic stack and add pink clay to this place, forming a muzzle out of it.

We sculpt long ears from blue clay.

We attach them to the sides of the donkey’s head.

Clay Donkey

We designate the nostrils with a stack.

Add eyes, we make them from small balls of black and white clay.

Clay Donkey

We blind the bangs to our donkey from black clay.

Clay Donkey

Attach the head to the body.

Clay Donkey

Let’s sculpt the tail. First, we roll up a thin flagellum from blue clay, then add a black tassel, and then decorate the tail with a pink bow.

Clay Donkey

It turned out such a clay donkey.

Clay Donkey

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