Clay Hippopotamus Step by Step

Clay Hippopotamus

Clay hippopotamus consists of simple shapes — balls, ovals of different sizes. This is an easy craft for kids to do on their own.

This large mammal spends most of the time in the water, and gets out on land at night. You can meet him in Africa, mainly in the northern territories. Also, this animal is aggressive. You can tell your child about the hippo while creating this clay craft presented in this tutorial.

To sculpt such a hippopotamus, take:

  • blue clay;
  • a couple of beads;
  • plastic stack.

Clay Hippopotamus: a Step-by-Step Overview

Let’s start the creation of clay crafts with the formation of the body of a hippopotamus. To do this, roll a simple ball out of blue clay.

Then we will make blanks for the legs, these will be small balls molded from the same clay. They should be the same size, connect them together as follows.

We fix the body on top of the balls.

Next, we sculpt the head, it should be relatively large. We attach the head to the body of the hippopotamus.

We sculpt small ears from small balls of blue clay, fix them on the head.

Clay Hippopotamus

We make a muzzle for our hippopotamus. Small black beads will become the eyes, and we will cut out the mouth and nostrils using a plastic stack.

Clay Hippopotamus

We roll up a thin flagellum, we will need it to create a small hippopotamus tail.

Clay Hippopotamus

This is how cute a clay hippopotamus can be.

Clay Hippopotamus

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