Clay Fish for Kids — Step by Step Photo Review

Clay Fish

Working with clay develops fine motor skills well. Therefore, try to regularly carry out such tasks with your child. Today we have a bright clay fish, we suggest using this tutorial.

To sculpt such a fish, we will prepare:

  • clay of different colors;
  • decorative eye;
  • plastic stack.

Clay Fish Step by Step

The base of our fish will be made of yellow clay. But first we roll a ball out of this clay.

Then it needs to be flattened. This will be the main preparation for the future fish.

Now we need red clay. From it we will make fins and a mouth of a fish. Roll into 6 balls of different sizes. In this case, they should be the same size in pairs.

From four of them we will make fins. To do this, we flatten the balls and give them a teardrop shape. And the smallest balls are left voluminous in the form of droplets. They are needed to create the lips of a fish.

We attach these blanks to the main part of the yellow color. From the largest parts we form the tail fin, medium blanks will be required for the upper and lower fins, and from the smallest we will make the mouth of the fish.

Clay Fish

Add a decorative eye with a movable pupil. If this is not the case, then this detail is easy to make from small balls of white and black clay.

Clay Fish

It remains to decorate our clay crafts. To do this, we need clay of different colors, we will roll small balls out of it. First, we take purple clay, roll several identical small balls out of it. After that, we fix them in a row on the main blank of the fish.

Clay Fish

The next row will be balls formed from blue clay.

Clay Fish

In this way, we fill the yellow blank with balls of a different color. It turned out such a bright clay fish.

Clay Fish

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