Clay Painting Caterpillar on a Leaf for Kids

Clay Painting Caterpillar

A simple clay painting of a caterpillar on a piece of paper for kids step by step. The caterpillar itself consists of simple parts – spirals.

You will need the following materials:

  • Cardboard;
  • Clay of different colors, but you can give realism to the work and make the caterpillar completely green;
  • Stack, mat for work.

Clay Painting Caterpillar on a Leaf Step by Step

Prepare the base cardboard. The shape can be any: square, round, rectangular. You can use curly scissors to make wavy edges.

Roll the clay into thin flagella, and then wrap them in a tight spiral. There are four spirals in this work, but if desired, there may be more.

Roll out the green clay into an oval, and then use a stack to cut out a leaf. Attach the petiole and mark the veins on the leaf with a stack. Small children can simply roll the ball and give it an oval shape with their palms.

Place the spiral along the sheet, lift the first one a little up. This will be the head of the caterpillar.

Clay Painting Caterpillar

Roll white and black clay into small balls to make insect eyes. Bend a small flagellum of red clay into a smile. Also blind the antennae.

Clay Painting Caterpillar

Use yellow clay to make a sun. Roll up the ball and stretch it to the corner, removing excess around the edges. Roll a few small balls into droplets and glue them as rays of the sun. That’s it, a bright clay picture of a caterpillar on a leaf is ready.

Clay Painting Caterpillar

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