DIY Yarn Monster Craft

Yarn Monster

This tutorial presents a simple but fun craft — a yarn monster. Bright funny toy is sure to please kids.

To make such a monster you will need:

  • red yarn;
  • yellow pipe cleaner;
  • plastic eyes;
  • white glue (if the eyes are without an adhesive base);
  • scissors.

Yarn Monster Craft: Stages of Creative Work

Pipe cleaner will be the frame for our monster, it will also serve to create eyes. First, bend it in half, and then make a loop.

We wind the red yarn first on the hand (we use 4 fingers at the same time), and then remove it.

The resulting blank of threads must be put on one of the ends of the pipe cleaner.

After that, we fix it by making several turns of pipe cleaner.


Next, we will use scissors. We cut the red threads in one place, and distribute the ends along the sides.

Now we lower all the yarn down.

Yarn Monster

And from the remaining ends of the pipe cleaner we will make the eyes of the monster. To do this, we begin to twist their spiral.

Yarn Monster

Here are the blanks for the eyes.

Yarn Monster

It remains to glue the plastic eyes. If they are not sticky, you will need white glue.

Yarn Monster

The yarn monster craft is ready. This is a fun craft for kids, a toy made by one’s own efforts, which is always valued above purchased options. Another monster can be as a Halloween craft.

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