Easy Origami Tiger Face for Kids

Origami Tiger Face

A very easy origami tiger face for kids in step-by-step execution with a photo. The scheme of which is quite simple.

The work uses:

  • Origami paper, yellow on one side and white on the other;
  • White and black paper from which the eyes are made;
  • Black felt-tip pen, glue.

Easy Origami Tiger Face Step by Step

Prepare square paper.

Now we need to make folds intersecting on the area of ​​​​the square. To do this, fold the square into a triangle, pointing the corner to the corner. Smooth out the fold.

Then do the same with the other two corners and also outline the fold, carefully smoothing it. As you can see, cross folds have formed on the area of ​​​​the square.

Fold the square back into a triangle.

Raise the right and left corners, connecting them with the corner from above.

Now direct the same two corners to the bottom and slightly straighten to the sides.

Bend the small corners-sides inward.

Point the bottom corner up and carefully smooth the fold. For reliability, all these three corners can also be fixed with glue.

Flip over to the other side. The muzzle of the animal is already quite looming.

Origami Tiger Face

Fold the top of the bottom corner up.

Origami Tiger Face

Bottom – back.

Origami Tiger Face

Now in the same place, bend a tiny corner down, as a result of which a tiger’s nose is formed.

Origami Tiger Face

Glue or draw on the eyes. Draw characteristic stripes on the top and sides of the head with a felt-tip pen. Everything, the easy origami tiger face is ready.

Origami Tiger Face

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