Origami Witch on a Broomstick

Origami Witch

Origami witch consists of two parts — head and body. Refers to easy children’s origami, as all actions are clear and easy.

Materials for creative activity:

  • One-sided colored paper, or special for origami;
  • Colored paper for a broom;
  • Felt-tip pens;
  • Scissors, glue, ruler.

Origami Witch Step by Step

Prepare two square pieces of single-sided paper of any desired size. One-sided paper is needed mainly for the head, since one side of the light shade is important to highlight the face of the character.

Folding the Witch’s Head

Place a piece of square paper in front of you.

Fold the triangle by connecting the corners. The color should be on the outside. With this action we will designate the fold in the center.

Open the paper and fold the sides, aligning them with the fold you made earlier in the middle.

Bend the bottom white corner back.

Origami Witch

Lift the closed parts of the triangle and straighten them to the sides. Try to align so that a rectangle forms from the white part.

Origami Witch

Flip the shape over to the other side.

Center the bottom right corner.

Then bend the left one.

Origami Witch

Fold the bottom corner up as well.

Origami Witch

Turn over to the other side, draw the appearance of a witch, curls. The head is ready.

Origami Witch

Folding the Body of an Origami Witch

It’s very simple. The initial actions completely repeat the folding of the head.

  1. Fold a square piece of paper into a triangle;
  2. Open and bend towards the center of the side;
  3. But bend the bottom corner not back, but forward.

Origami Witch

Turn over, the body is ready.

Glue the head on top — the origami witch is complete. If desired, it can be put on a broom.

Origami Witch

Witch Paper Broomstick

Cut a rectangle out of yellow (brown, beige) paper. Its length should be greater than the lower wide part of the witch’s body.

One side, not reaching the middle, cut into thin strips in the form of a fringe.

Carefully roll the paper along its entire length into a tube, fluff the fringe at the tip. Everything, a simple broom is ready.

Hand it to the witch, stick it on top, or place it in the pocket at the back to create the appearance of a flying witch on a broomstick. Work completed. Despite the long description, the whole process is not complicated and does not take much time. Ideal for children.

Origami Witch

You can also make a witch out of paper folded into a cone.

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