Paper Witch Craft

Paper Witch

The paper witch craft in the presented version is easy to create, it will require a minimum of time and materials.

The witch is one of the main characters of Halloween. Most often they try on a witch image with the appropriate costume, makeup and attributes, but you can also create a mystical entourage in your own home.

What will be needed?

  • Black colored paper (maybe not very thick cardboard);
  • A small amount of green paper for the ribbon on the hat, white for the face, orange for the hair, and a tone lighter for the broom;
  • Toothpick;
  • Glue, pencil, ruler, scissors.

How to make a Paper Witch Craft?

Cut out all the blanks shown in the photo. This:

  • The fourth part of the circle to create the cone-torso of the witch. I simply circled the corner of the black paper with a compass.
  • The circle for the hat is 8.5 cm in diameter. But everything can be done in arbitrary sizes, just choosing the width of the hat, the length of the hair, etc. by eye. depending on the size of the body.
  • Black stripe for hands, 13 cm long, 1.5 cm wide.
  • A green strip of paper no more than a centimeter wide to decorate a hat.
  • Orange and one tone lighter wide strip (about 4 cm) for hair and broom.
  • Tiny white rectangle for the face.

Halloween craft layout

First we make the body, for which we fold a large black semicircle and glue the sides. Then we fold a black circle three times, from which a hat will turn out, cut out the middle and make cloves.

We put the circle on the cone until it stops, fix it a little with glue.

Paper Witch

We round off a white rectangular piece of paper and glue it under the hat. Draw a face with a marker.

To make a broom and hair, we cut one wide side of the orange paper into small strips that do not reach the end a little.

For the broom, roll around the toothpick.

For hair, we twist thin strips with a pencil so that there are bristling strands.

We glue the strands on the cone immediately under the hat, align it near the face. If they are long, you can cut off the excess.

Paper Witch

On the back of the witch, we glue a black strip, which will be our hands, and stick a toothpick into the tip as a broom. By the way, the strip for the hands can be cut not of the same width. The ends may be slightly wider. As a result, it will seem that the witch is dressed in a spacious black hoodie with wide sleeves.

Paper Witch

A green stripe on the hat completes the look.

Paper Witch

Paper witch craft is ready.

Paper Witch

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