Origami Hare for Kids

Origami Hare

Simple origami hare for kids from colored paper. Or rather, only his head. A great origami option for kids and beginners.

The work does not require a lot of skills and time, the main thing is to follow all the steps shown in the photo. The bunny is made of decorative paper, but it turns out no less cute with plain paper, both white and colored.

What you need for the creative process:

  • Square paper;
  • To decorate the muzzle: eyes, teeth, black felt-tip pen.

Origami Hare Step by Step

Prepare the paper and shape it into a square. The size is at your own discretion.

Fold the square from corner to corner to make a triangle.

Bend the bottom side of the triangle, which is the fold, up, as shown in the photo.

Determine the middle on the underside, you can by folding in half. And, starting from this middle, bend the right corner up.

Then direct the left corner there as well.

Origami Hare

Fold up the corner at the bottom of the paper shape.

Origami Hare

Flip over to the other side. The line at the top shows the fold area.

Origami Hare

Fold the top corner back along the line. We have folded the figure we need, now we should give it the image of a rabbit.

Origami Hare

Glue any eyes, you can even draw. Draw a mustache, draw a smile and glue the teeth. Don’t forget the nose.

Origami Hare

Everything, the origami hare for children is ready. It can be folded at any time of the year, but is most popular around Easter.

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