Origami Seal Step by Step

Origami Seal

Cute paper origami seal. Step-by-step instruction with detailed photos. Paper seal in a simple way.


  • Colored paper;
  • White paper;
  • Scissors;
  • Black marker.

Origami Seal Step by Step

Prepare the paper in the shape of a square. Color and size at your own discretion. Of course, it should be borne in mind that the smaller the segment, the more difficult it is to make any character out of it. Especially for kids.

Fold the paper corner to corner to form a triangle.

Then open and connect the other two corners to create cross folds.

Fold the paper in half into a rectangle.

Then open and fold in half, but already connecting the other two sides. The intersecting folds we need are ready.

Make a basic origami shape – a double square. To do this, connect the upper and lower corners together, while pointing the sides inward.

Press down so that all the folds are in place.

Bend the side of the upper square into the middle.

Point the left one there.

Fold in the small corners at the top.

Turn over to the other side and repeat all the steps that were on the reverse side.

Connect in the center of the sidewall.

Fold in the small top corners. Make a small cut at the bottom, dividing the bottom corner into two.

Point the left side to the right. Since the side is doubled, part of the paper should remain unfolded.

On the reverse side, repeat the steps so that we have the same flat landscape on the back and front.

Straighten the left side.

Guided by the photo, bend a small part, capturing the corner.

Origami Seal

Make a cut to the fold.

Origami Seal

Hide the bottom of the cut by folding the paper back.

Origami Seal

For convenience, turn the future seal into a horizontal position. The line marks the area that should be folded back.

Origami Seal

Send it to the indicated place.

Origami Seal

Point the top of the tail up.

Origami Seal

Cut out a small oval from white paper and glue the muzzle. Draw eyes, nose, smile. Origami seal ready.

Origami Seal

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