Pinecone Wolf Craft

Pinecone Wolf

In many fairy tales, the wolf acts as a negative hero. But our today’s character — a pinecone wolf will be kind and a little funny.

To make a wolf, we will prepare:

  • clay set;
  • pinecone;
  • plastic stack.

Pinecone Wolf Craft Step by Step

Let’s start creating our craft from the head. To do this, first roll a ball out of gray clay. If there is no such color in your set, then you can mix white clay with a small amount of black.

Now we form an elongated muzzle from the ball.

We fix it on a pinecone. In this case, the pinecone in our craft will be the body of the wolf, and we use it upside down for this.

Let’s add small ears, we sculpt them from small blanks of gray clay.

A ball of black clay will be required to make the nose of a wolf, we fix it on the tip of the muzzle.

As a basis for the eyes, we use small balls of white clay, we first flatten them and fix them on the head.

From above we add pupils, which we make from balls of black clay.

Pinecone Wolf

Now we will use a plastic stack, with its help we will designate the mouth of the wolf.

Pinecone Wolf

Next, we will make paws for our predator. To do this, we must roll 4 balls of the same size from gray clay.

We form curved paws from them.

We fix them on a pinecone as follows.

Pinecone Wolf

On the paws from below we denote the claws.

Pinecone Wolf

It remains to make a tail. To do this, we roll up a “sausage” from gray clay, which will have narrowed ends.

We lightly walk along it with a plastic stack, creating an imitation of wool.

We fix this tail behind the body. Our pinecone wolf is ready.

Pinecone Wolf

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