Quilling Angel Step by Step

Quilling Angel

Many people think about decorating a Christmas tree in advance. Someone is trying to make the decor of the forest beauty be made in the same color scheme. If your choice fell on white, then it could be a quilling angel – an openwork, elegant decoration made of paper strips.

To create such an angel, prepare:

  • paper white stripes;
  • a tool for twisting them;
  • quilling template;
  • white glue.

Quilling Angel Step by Step

Angel Skirt

Let’s start making our openwork crafts with an angel’s skirt. To do this, pre-glue 3 strips together. We twist them and put them in a template marked “30”.

Then carefully remove it, and fix the tip with glue. You will get such a round blank.

But we need to change its appearance. To do this, we squeeze this circle with our fingers on one side, turning the circle into a droplet. We make 2 more such blanks. Do not forget that for each of them you need to pre-glue 3 strips.

But while we will not glue these elements together, we will put them aside for a while.

The Body

We need to make the body of an angel. To do this, glue 2 strips, and then twist them. The workpiece should have a diameter of 20 mm.

We take it out of the template and fix the tip of the strip with glue.

Then gently squeeze this circle with your fingers on both sides. This will be the body of our angel.

Now you can glue together the individual elements of the skirt, and in the upper part we fix the body, placing the workpiece vertically.

Quilling Angel


For the angel wings, we will make 2 circles, each of which consists of 2 paper strips.

Squeeze them on one side and bend a little.

Glue these openwork wings on the sides of the body.

Quilling Angel

Quilling Angel Head

For the angel head we use 2 strips. From them we form a circle with a diameter of 15 mm.

We take out this blank, not forgetting to fix the tip with glue.

Separately, we will make the hair of the angel. For this, 2/3 of the strip is enough, we twist it on both sides.

Then we fix this hair on the head.

Quilling Angel

It remains to connect the head with the body. Quilling angel is ready.

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