Christmas Quilling — Step by Step Ideas for Kids

Christmas Quilling

Christmas quilling is an excellent decoration for postcards, a beautiful, openwork product. This collection contains simple step-by-step work for kids: a Christmas tree, a wreath, a snowflake, an angel and others.

Materials for creativity:

  • Plastic board on a cork base;
  • Thin strips of paper in different colors;
  • A core with a slot for twisting rolls;
  • Glue white;
  • Scissors, sticky eyes, any decor.

Christmas Quilling: Ideas, Links to Tutorial

Christmas Tree

Quilling Tree

When preparing gifts for your loved ones for Christmas, do not forget about postcards that you can make yourself. For example, a quilling Christmas tree is perfect for decorating the front side of a Christmas card.

Christmas Wreath

Quilling Christmas

This tutorial shows how to quickly make a Christmas quilling wreath that can be part of a greeting card.

Christmas Garland

Quilling Christmas Garlands

When creating Christmas cards, you can use both different materials and manufacturing techniques. A great idea is a quilling garland, which can become part of a Christmas card, its voluminous and beautiful decoration. You can also decorate the room with such a garland: windows, doors, individual items.

Quilling Snowflake

Quilling Snowflakes

If you look closely, it is difficult to find identical snowflakes. Nature draws them. But after all, we can also be a little creative and make our wonderful, openwork quilling snowflakes.

Quilling Angel

Quilling Angel

Many people think over the decoration of the Christmas tree in advance. Someone is trying to make the decor of the forest beauty be made in the same color scheme. If your choice fell on white, then it could be a quilling angel – an openwork, elegant decoration made of paper strips.

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