Quilling Bee Step by Step for Kids

Quilling Bee

Bee’s sure are busy workers, to celebrate their awesomeness, we will show you how to make a quilling bee. Bring the season to life while making this simple paper strip craft with the young ones.

What you need:

  • paper strips of yellow, black, white;
  • quilling template and tool;
  • scissors with white glue;
  • small plastic eyes.

Quilling Bee Step by Step

First, glue 3 strips of yellow in succession. Then, using a tool, we twist them and put them into a template, forming a circle with a diameter of 25 mm.

We take out the circle, glue its tip. Then you need to fix the center of the circle with glue, shifting it to the edge. This is easy to do with a toothpick.

Next, cut off small pieces of the black strip, fold them in half and lay them between the layers of the yellow circle. In addition, we twist a small roll from a black strip and fix it with white glue inside.

Quilling Bee

For the head of the bee, take 3 strips of black color and glue them together. Then we twist them and place them in a template with a diameter of 15 mm.

Carefully take out and fix the tip with glue.

Lightly squeeze the circle and glue it to the yellow blank.

Quilling Bee

Now we will make wings for our insect. We glue 2 strips of white color, twist them into a circle with a diameter of 20 mm.

We take it out of the template, fix the tip, and then squeeze the workpiece on one side.

You still need to do the same workpiece.

We will make small wings from one strip, which we twist and form a circle with a diameter of 15 mm. Squeeze them and glue them to the big wings.

Now you need to glue these wings on the sides of the bee’s body.

Quilling Bee

We make antennae from a piece of black strip (about 10 cm long). We fold it in half, and twist the ends with a tool. Glue these antennae to the black head.

Quilling Bee

It remains to add small plastic eyes. Quilling bee is ready.

Quilling Bee

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