Quilling Fox Step by Step – For Kids and Beginners

Quilling Fox

The quilling fox in this tutorial is a specific twist and placement of thin paper strips. All details are very simple, basic forms.

To make such a fox, we will take:

  • paper strips of orange, white, black;
  • scissors with a template;
  • twisting tool;
  • white glue.

Quilling Fox Step by Step

First, glue together 4 strips of orange. Then, using a tool, we twist them and place them in a template with a diameter of 30 cm.

Carefully take out the circle, and glue its tip.

We give the workpiece the following shape. This will be the body of the fox.

Now let’s create her head. Glue 4 strips in sequence again. We twist them and put them in a template marked “20”.

Fix the tip with white glue.

With your fingers, give this circle the desired shape. The orange blank will be in the shape of a trapezoid.

The tip of the muzzle is made from a white strip, which we twist into a blank with a diameter of 10 mm.

Then we make a triangle from the circle with our fingers.

Glue it to the tip of the muzzle.

Quilling Fox

For the ears, we will use an orange strip, which must first be cut in half. We twist each half and put it in a template marked “8”.

We make a couple of such small orange circles.

We form triangles from them.

In this form, we fix the ears with white glue on the head.

Quilling Fox

The spout is made from a piece (about 10 cm) of a black strip, which needs to be twisted into a tight roll.

Quilling Fox

We connect the head of the fox with its body.

Quilling Fox

We will make the tail from four orange stripes. We twist them, forming a workpiece with a diameter of 30 mm. Then we gently squeeze its edge, giving the shape of a droplet.

Glue this tail to the body. In addition, we slightly press the upper part of the tail.

Quilling Fox

Here we will make a white tip, which we will make from a white strip twisted into a circle with a diameter of 12 mm. We make a triangular blank and glue it to the tip of the tail.

Quilling Fox

It remains to make the eyes. To do this, cut a white strip in half, and then twist each half into a tight roll. Glue the white eyes onto the muzzle. This is how we got a red quilling fox.

Quilling Fox

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