Quilling Heart Bouquet

Quilling Heart Bouquet

A simple quilling heart bouquet. Quilling for kids and beginners step by step.

What you need for creative work:

  • Paper strips for quilling;
  • Cardboard for the base on which the craft will be located;
  • Tools and template;
  • Scissors, glue, toothpick.

Quilling Heart Bouquet Step by Step

Prepare the necessary quilling tools.

Now let’s start creating hearts. They are two drops glued together. Screw the strip onto the tool.

Remove and place in drop template. Press to make the shape we need already in the template.

Remove and glue the tip to secure the shape. It is convenient to glue with white glue.

Make two drops.

Glue them together, while firmly pressing in the area of ​​the narrow sides of the droplets. This will form a heart.

Quilling Heart Bouquet

Make some of these hearts. The amount depends solely on your own patience and endurance, although the process itself is quite interesting.

Quilling Heart Bouquet

Now we will make a quilling bow. For the upper two parts of the bow, you will need a longer paper strip. Therefore, glue the two strips together, and then wind it onto the tool.

Remove, place in the template and unroll the spiral according to its size. Remove and glue the tip.

Make two such round pieces.

Make two more without gluing the strips together, one strip per ring is enough. The tip does not need to be glued, on the contrary, it should be slightly dissolved and the paper glued a little further.

Putting all the components together, you get such a bow.

Now, using glue, glue a bow, hearts to the cardboard base, and then draw the stems with a felt-tip pen.

Quilling Heart Bouquet

Everything, a simple quilling heart bouquet is ready.

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