Valentine Day Cat Craft

Valentine Day Cat Craft

A simple craft — a valentine day cat made of colored paper and cardboard. A funny surprise for loved ones that a child can make with his own hands.

What materials you will need:

  • Orange cardboard for the cat;
  • Red paper for heart;
  • Black felt-tip pen;
  • Scissors, a simple pencil, glue.

Valentine Day Cat Craft Step by Step

The type of cat itself is not particularly important, so you can draw it in absolutely any way. Here is the simplest option — a semicircular figure with two legs. Draw and cut out a simple body. Take special care of the ears and front paws.

Glue on the ears and the paws on the front. There is no need to glue the paws completely, they will need to hold the heart. Therefore, it is enough to apply glue only to the edge.

Valentine Day Cat Craft

Making a 3d Paper Heart

Now you need to make a voluminous heart out of paper. To do this, cut out 4 hearts from red paper. The size should be appropriate for the cat, naturally not too huge or small.

Fold all the hearts in half.

Now apply white glue in a thin line along the fold line.

Glue the second heart on top, and then apply glue again until you have glued all the hearts. Fold them all together in half to secure them more securely in this position. Then straighten the side parts. The heart is ready.

Glue it between the cat’s paws.

Valentine Day Cat Craft

This is how the valentine day cat craft with a 3d heart. Instead of a cat there can be any other animal. The main thing is the presence of paws and a heart.

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