Lovebirds Valentine’s Day Card

Lovebirds Valentine's Day Card

A beautiful lovebirds Valentine’s Day card will require care and attention. A template is included to help.

The process of creating it itself is not complicated, the main thing is not to miss the moment and not to cut off the lower part of the drawing, since in this case all efforts will go down the drain. The birds will have nothing to hold onto on the postcard.

The big advantage of such postcards is that you can realize all your imagination in your work. You can draw any picture, crop it and give it to a loved one.

What was used in the work:

  • Red cardboard;
  • A simple pencil, scissors;
  • Moving eyes.

Lovebirds Valentine’s Day Card Step by Step

Prepare rectangular cardboard of any size. You can take a whole A4 sheet or half of it. In principle, the shape can be any, square, with rounded ends, with wavy edges, oval.

Fold the cardboard in half, mark the fold and straighten the paper. On the upper part in relation to the fold, draw a pattern. Try to draw in such a way that the bottom of the drawing is located on the fold line.

If desired, use a ready-made template.

Cut out each bird and heart, leaving the bottom part intact. It is convenient to cut with a special stationery knife and use a self-healing cutting mat.

Fold the paper in half, carefully lifting the cut-out designs upward. Glue any eyes on the birds.

Lovebirds Valentine's Day Card

That’s it, the lovebirds Valentine’s Day card is ready. The cardboard holds its shape well, and the card looks great on any surface.

Lovebirds Valentine's Day Card

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