Valentines Day Cards for Kids: 3 Step-by-Step Ideas

Valentines Day Cards for Kids

I would like to offer 3 simple ideas of Valentines day cards for kids. These are easy and amusing applique works that every child can make for his friends and relatives.

DIY Valentines Day Cards for Kids

Valentine Card 1

This Valentine card consists of two hugging heart halves. For the work you will need:

  • Construction paper for the basis. In this variant, it is green;
  • Coloured paper of any two colours. You can select any shades you like;
  • Coloured paper for decoration. You can make flowers and butterflies;
  • A glue stick, a writing pencil, scissors, a black felt pen.

Valentines Day Cards for Kids

Put two types of coloured paper one upon the other and draw a heart half, starting from the left edge.

Valentines Day Cards for Kids

Cut out along the outline, and you will get two absolutely identical halves. Use the same shades to cut out stripes for hands.

Valentines Day Cards for Kids

Glue the heart halves onto the construction paper to get the whole one. Round off one end of the stripes and make a slight accordion out of them. Fold them in one direction and then in the other until the stripe is over.

Valentines Day Cards for Kids

Glue the stripes so that their beginning was located on the half of the same colour and the rounded end on the other one.

Draw eyes and smile for each of the halves, sign the Valentine card and decorate it with paper flowers. Here you can use your imagination to the full – glue all kind of decoration or just draw patterns and flowers.

Valentines Day Cards for Kids

Valentines Day Cards for Kids 2

Instead of a heart, an original version contains a paper bag with a bow full of tulips. But why not change the idea and turn the surprise into a Valentine card. Prepare:

  • Red construction paper;
  • Construction paper of any 3 various colours;
  • A writing pencil, a glue stick, scissors.

You can use coloured paper instead of construction paper but in this case your Valentine card will be less durable and resistant. Being made of construction paper, it look more like a thick postcard.

Cut out 2 similar hearts out of red construction paper. You can print out a pattern from the Internet. Or make your own design. To make it, you should fold the paper in half and draw a heart half starting from the folded side. Cut it out and you will get a whole heart with identical halves.

Draw simple tulips and a bow. Cut out a stripe as long as the heart’s width.

Valentines Day Cards for Kids

Glue tulips onto one of the hearts.

Valentines Day Cards for Kids

Apply glue to the second heart and cover the first one with it.

Valentines Day Cards for Kids

Attach the stripe and the bow horizontally. You can slightly twist the bow’s edges with a pencil to make it look more voluminous. And you will get this interesting Valentine card. You can fill it with absolutely any flowers that the child can draw himself.

Valentines Day Cards for Kids

The 3rd Idea of DIY Valentine Card for Kids

Another simple Valentine card that a child can present to his relatives. It is valuable not only because of the child’s diligence and effort, but also due to the fact that it keeps the memory of paper outline of his hands. You will need:

  • Red construction paper;
  • Two shades of coloured paper, for example, orange and yellow, pink and orange, beige and yellow and so on. The key point is that is should be of different colour with the heart itself;
  • A writing pencil, scissors, a glue stick.

Outline the hands with a writing pencil; don’t place the fingers too wide.

Cut out the hands and join them as if they greet each other.

Valentines Day Cards for Kids

Cut the heart out of red construction paper so that it was slightly bigger that the joint hands.

Glue the hands to the heart. On the back side, you can write pleasant words for the addressee.

Valentines Day Cards for Kids

These are the Valentines day cards for kids – amusing and easy to make.

Valentines Day Cards for Kids

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