Turtle Valentine Card Craft For Kids

Turtle Valentine Card Craft

The turtle Valentine card craft for kids turns out bright, the work itself is interesting and easy. Follow the step by step tutorial.

List of materials used:

  • Double-sided yellow cardboard;
  • Colored paper in orange, red, pink and purple shades;
  • Sticker eyes;
  • A simple pencil, scissors, a glue stick, a red felt-tip pen.

Turtle Valentine Card Craft Step by Step

Fold the cardboard in half. Sizes – any. But we must take into account the fact that a turtle that is too small will require very small hearts, which are difficult for children to cut out if there is no shaped hole punch. You can’t get by with three hearts, because the more, the more beautiful the work. It is optimal to fold a whole A4 sheet, or half of it.

Making a Paper Turtle

Draw a turtle or use a template.

You need to apply the template with the turtle’s back to the fold. He’s on top in the photo.

Trace and cut out. The area on the back indicated by the dotted line should remain intact. This will keep the two parts of the turtle together.

Turtle Valentine Card Craft

Decorate the Turtle with Hearts

The main frame is ready. Now you need to turn an ordinary faceless turtle into a bright character in love, a craft for Valentine’s Day or a Valentine’s card.

To do this, you need to cut out a lot of hearts from paper of different colors. A great way to recycle paper scraps and scraps.

Glue the hearts to the shell, also attach a small heart to the head and finish with eyes with a smile.

Turtle Valentine Card Craft

Thanks to its duality, the turtle holds up perfectly in an upright position, but it can also be turned into a postcard, opened and in the middle write a wish or nice words to a dear person.

Turtle Valentine Card Craft

That’s it, the turtle Valentine card craft for kids is ready.

turtle Valentine card craft for kids

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