Accordion Paper Unicorn — Valentine’s Day Gift

Accordion Paper Unicorn

An accordion paper unicorn is a craft or pendant that kids can make as a Valentine’s Day gift.

Materials for work:

  • Pink paper;
  • White cardboard;
  • Yellow decorative paper with glitter;
  • Pieces of colored paper for flowers, hearts;
  • Felt-tip pens;
  • White glue;
  • Scissors, figured hole punch;
  • Ribbon for loop.

Accordion Paper Unicorn as a Gift for Valentine’s Day: Stages of Work

For a circle in the form of an accordion, you will need two long strips of paper. The length of this strip is equal to the long side of A4 paper – 29.5 cm. Width – 5 cm.

The stripes should be turned into accordions. To do this, fold forward, about 1 cm wide, turn over and fold again, repeating the width of the previous one. You can not turn over, but immediately bend the paper back. Thus, reach the end of the strip.

Turn the second strip into an accordion as well.

Glue them together to make a long strip.

Roll into a tube and glue the sides.

Press on top and the paper will straighten out into a circle.

Accordion Paper Unicorn

Since he always strives to return the position of the tube again, cut out a small circle from any cardboard and glue it in the center. For reliability, you can glue the same circle on the reverse side. It turned out such a flower made of accordion paper.

Accordion Paper Unicorn

Now let’s move on to the unicorn. Cut out a circle from white cardstock. Adjust the size to your circle with an accordion, in this work the circle is 6 cm in diameter. Cut out the ears from white cardboard. Cut out a long horn from decorative shiny paper. You can just from yellow. Using a hole punch, prepare flowers of any shape.

Accordion Paper Unicorn

Glue the ears, horn and flowers to the head. With a felt-tip pen, paint over in the area of ​​the ears, draw eyes, nostrils.

Accordion Paper Unicorn

Glue the head to the accordion circle, attach a ribbon or any ribbon on top. On the sides, add small red paper hearts.

Accordion Paper Unicorn

That’s it, the accordion paper unicorn is ready. This is a great Valentine’s Day gift from a child to your loved ones.

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