DIY Cactus Valentine Card for Kids

Cactus Valentine Card

This tutorial presents a cactus Valentine card, which you can give to your loved ones in honor of Valentine’s Day.

To create such a postcard you will need:

  • colored paper;
  • scissors with glue;
  • black marker.

Cactus Valentine Card Step by Step

First, let’s make a cactus for our postcard. To do this, fold a sheet of green paper in half 2 times (you should get 4 layers). Then we cut out the outline of the cactus half. You can first draw it with a pencil and then use scissors.

Make two identical blanks.

Now you need to draw needles on them. To do this, use a black felt-tip pen and apply small strokes to the surface of the green blanks.

The basis of the postcard will be a sheet of yellow paper, first fold it in half. Glue a rectangle cut from orange paper to the bottom of the front card.

We glue the cactus blanks onto our postcard so that they remain voluminous. We glue one part of the paper cactus in the middle of the base paper, while the glue needs to be applied only to half of it. Then, close to the first, we glue the other half of the cactus.

Cactus Valentine Card

Let’s make a pot out of white paper. We cut out an elongated rectangle, and in the middle of it we draw a funny face; as an option, you can draw a heart or write a declaration of love.

We bend the edges of this rectangle, and then glue it onto the postcard, forming a semicircular bend.

Cactus Valentine Card

All that’s left is to add the hearts. We cut them out of red paper and then glue them onto the top of the cactus. The cactus Valentine card is ready.

Cactus Valentine Card

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