Origami Heart With Tie

Origami Heart With Tie

For Valentine’s Day, children, as well as adults, can make an origami heart with a tie. The work is interesting in itself; you can also use this heart to decorate a postcard, gift wrapping, or make scrapbook from the hearts.

In this work, only origami paper was used. It is one-sided, with peach color on one side and white on the other. You can also make a heart with double-sided paper, but then the tie will be the same color as the whole heart.

Origami Heart With tie Step by Step

Making the Basic Folds and Making a Tie

Place origami paper or a square piece of paper in front of you. Take into account the dimensions, since a 10:10 square makes a very small heart.

Fold the square to form a triangle — corner to opposite corner.

Then bring the other two corners together to create criss-cross folds.

Open the square and place the color facing you. Pull the top corner towards the middle. Press the fold.

Now repeat the steps with the bottom corner.

Fold the top again, lining it up with the center fold.

Open the paper; it should have one vertical and 5 horizontal folds, which are important in further work.

Point the top of the corner down and pull it to the fold, which is located next to the center one.

Fold the right side as shown in the photo. It should be on the same level as the left one.

Open the place where they intersect and direct the right side of the corner to the left.

Then fold the corner down, aligning it in the center.

Open this long-suffering corner and point its right side outward to get this nice tie.

Origami Heart With Tie

The Final Stage of Origami Hearts With a Tie

The tie is ready, now we give the rest of the paper a heart shape.

Turn the paper over to face you. Fold the corner at the bottom, bringing its tip to the middle.

Then fold the bottom again, folding along the fold in the center.

Turn the piece over again. Pull the left corner and center the fold.

On the right side, do the same.

For convenience, open the sides a little and pull the tie outward, directing the sides under its sides.

Origami Heart With Tie

Turn the part back over again. Fold the top corners down.

Tuck them into your pocket.

Then make small folds on the sides.

Origami Heart With Tie

Turn the front part of the part towards you.

Origami Heart With Tie

Bend the corners from the top center downwards, making small triangles — collars. That’s it, the origami heart with a tie is ready.

Origami Heart With Tie

Despite the fact that there are quite a lot of actions, they are all simple and understandable, making crafts for Valentine’s Day is interesting and easy.

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