Clay Cow for Kids Step by Step

Clay Cow

This tutorial shows what a clay cow can be. This is an easy way to sculpt an animal, perfect for kids.

To sculpt such a bull, we will take:

  • a set of clay;
  • toothpick;
  • plastic stack;
  • decorative eyes.

Clay Cow Step by Step

The main clay in our craft will be white. From it we roll a couple of balls, one of which will be slightly larger. These will be blanks for the head and body of the cow.

Additionally roll 4 balls of the same size. They are useful for shaping the legs.

We need 3 more small balls to create the ears, as well as the tail of the cow.

We prepare blanks for the head and body. To do this, one of the balls (which is larger) needs to be pulled out a little, giving it an egg shape.

We roll the balls prepared for the legs into thick “sausages”.

We fix the ears on the head. They will be made from small balls of white clay, and in the center we will add small pieces of pink.

We make a muzzle from pink clay, and the nostrils and mouth can be marked with a toothpick and the tip of a match.

We add plastic eyes to our cow, as well as a few spots made from black clay.

Clay Cow

We blind the horns from brown clay.

Clay Cow

We will use a toothpick to connect the head to the body.

Clay Cow

Attach the legs to the body.

Clay Cow

We add black spots, and we fix small circles of this clay on the limbs. It remains to fix the tail. It turned out such a cow made of clay.

Clay Cow

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