Clay Mammoth for Kids

Clay Mammoth

These extinct animals are known to almost everyone. They were distinguished by a body covered with thick hair and large tusks. Of course, we are talking about mammoths. In today’s tutorial we will show what a clay mammoth can be like.

To sculpt such a mammoth we will use:

  • clay beige, brown, black, white;
  • stack of plastic.

Clay Mammoth Step by Step

First, roll a ball from beige clay.

Then we will give it an elongated oval shape. This will be the body of the future mammoth.

Let’s take a little more of the same clay and mold the head and trunk into one piece.

Let’s connect it to the body, while bending the trunk down a little.

Next, prepare 4 identical balls to create the limbs.

Let’s form legs from them.

We attach the resulting legs from below to the mammoth’s body.

Let’s make small ears and attach them to the sides of the head.

Next we will continue working with brown clay. We make a small piece and attach it to the top of the head.

Clay Mammoth

We place a slightly larger piece of the same brown clay on top of the body.

Clay Mammoth

Now let’s use a plastic stack. With its help we apply short strokes imitating mammoth wool.

Clay Mammoth

We work through the entire craft in this way.

Clay Mammoth

Add eyes made from small white and black clay balls.

Clay Mammoth

We sculpt tusks from white clay, and form a small tail from beige clay. Our clay mammoth is ready.

Clay Mammoth

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