Clay Mouses on Cheese

Clay Mouses on Cheese

Simple modeling for kids — clay mouses on cheese. All the details of such crafts are presented in this tutorial.

To sculpt mice on cheese, take:

  • clay yellow, gray, white, pink;
  • devices for creating round holes;
  • plastic stack;
  • black marker.

Clay Mouses on Cheese Step by Step

First, let’s make the cheese on which our mice will sit. To do this, knead the yellow clay, and then form a cake out of it.

To make a piece of cheese, we will use a stack. Cut out a triangular shape.

Now you need to make holes in it. We perform them using various improvised means. For example, caps from felt-tip pens, pens.

Clay Mouses on Cheese

We got such a piece of clay cheese.

Clay Mouses on Cheese

Next, let’s create mouse. To do this, we rolled 2 balls of gray clay.

We begin to form our rodents. To do this, we first give a shape that resembles a droplet.

We make blanks from pink clay for the ears, nose and tail.

Add these details to the first mouse.

Clay Mouses on Cheese

We make eyes from small balls of white clay, and then draw pupils with a black felt-tip pen. But you can also roll up small balls of black clay and stick them on a white blank.

Clay Mouses on Cheese

Similarly, we sculpt the second mouse, after which we place it on the cheese. The clay mouses on cheese is ready.

Clay Mouses on Cheese

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