Valentine’s Day Love Boat Craft

Valentine's Day Love Boat

Origami craft for Valentine’s Day — a boat of love. A bright red boat with a fiery heart instead of a sail.

What you need for creative work:

  • Red paper;
  • Barbecue stick;
  • Scissors.

Love Boat Craft Step by Step

The basis of all work is the origami boat. It will need rectangular paper. Dimensions — at your own discretion, you can use at least a whole sheet of A4 paper.

Fold the rectangle in half.

Determine the middle at the top and bend the right and left corners down.

We have double paper at the bottom, so fold part of the top layer up.

And fold the bottom of the paper back.

Now you need to hide the corners on the sides to make a triangle. To do this, bend the corners inward, as if framing the corner.

Bend the back corners forward.

Open the bottom side of the triangle. Connect the right and left corners together.

Valentine's Day Love Boat

Press down to make a flat square.

Fold up the corner of the top layer.

Bend the corner of the bottom layer back.

Now open the pocket on the underside again. And again, connect the right and left corners together.

Press down to make a square.

3 corners are visible in the upper corner area. Now you need to pull the side corners and straighten them to the sides. At the same time, lift and straighten the lower corners to get the sides of the boat.

Valentine's Day Love Boat

The origami boat is ready.

Cut out a heart from red paper.

Measure the desired length of the barbecue stick, if too long, cut off the excess.

Make a puncture with the sharp part of the boat stick from below. Thus, we will have the tip on top. It is convenient for them to make a puncture in the heart in two places to make a sail. For convenience, you can make holes in a paper heart with a needle, a compass, and then put it on a stick.

Everything, the boat of love is ready.

Valentine's Day Love Boat

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