How to Make Foam Rose Flowers

How to Make Foam Rose Flowers

Many jewelry for young fashionistas can be made with your own hands. For example, foam is suitable for this. This tutorial provides an overview of how to make foam rose flowers, which can later become part of a decoration.

To make such a rose we will prepare:

  • shiny foam of golden and green color;
  • scissors;
  • toothpick;
  • ruler;
  • glue gun

How to Make Foam Rose Flowers: a Step-by-Step Review

Let’s start creating our golden rose by cutting out a blank from glitter foam. It will be an elongated rectangle 3 cm wide and about 20 cm long.

Next we need a ruler with a toothpick. With their help, on the wrong side of this strip you need to mark 2 parallel lines at a distance of 1 cm from each other. After this, we make cuts along the marked lines, but do not reach the edge by about 1 cm.

Now we need to weave a braid from the resulting three stripes.

We completely braid all the strips along the length, and fix their ends with a glue gun. After completing this work, use scissors to trim all the strips.

We will form the rose from the beginning of the strip. Here you need to bend one of the corners and secure it with hot glue.

We begin to roll up this strip and periodically fix it with a glue gun.

Having rolled up the entire braided strip, we got the bud of our rose.

How to Make Foam Rose Flowers

We cut out a couple of leaves from green shiny foam.

We fix them on the underside of the flower. This is how the rose turned out from glitter foam.

How to Make Foam Rose Flowers

If desired, this foam craft can be of any color. You can also make several of these roses and use them to create any decoration.

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