Origami Heart Envelope

Origami Heart Envelope

An origami heart envelope will require a lot of steps. But they are all simple and understandable. Follow the detailed instructions with visual photos, and you will definitely end up with such a cute envelope.

Materials you will need:

  • Double-sided colored paper;
  • Any office glue;
  • Depending on the situation — scissors, a simple pencil, a ruler.

How to make an heart envelope?

Preparation and Folds

Place a rectangular piece of paper in front of you. This can be a whole A4 sheet or half of it. Smaller sizes are also possible if you need a very tiny envelope.

Further actions consist of creating the bends we need. Fold the paper in half width wise.

Lay out the paper and fold the side, bringing the corner to the opposite side.

Turn over to the other side. Fold the bottom of the sheet up, aligning it with the previous fold lying at the bottom of the sheet.

Turn the sheet over again to the other side and open it completely.

Fold the upper part to the fold that was obtained after the penultimate steps.

Next, the paper needs to be laid out again.

Steps to Create an Heart Envelope

Before this, we had a kind of preparatory stage of work. We made the necessary folds, thanks to which we can easily and correctly fold an origami paper envelope with a heart.

We folded the top again. Now, fold the paper over the top, aligning it with it.

Turn the paper over to the other side. Pull the right corner and fold it towards the center fold.

Then fold the left one.

Turn over to the other side and bend the top corner to the bottom transverse fold.

Turn the piece over to the other side. Fold in the tiny corners at the top, aligning them with the top edge of the piece.

Now the corners can be returned to their original position. Then lift the fold of paper, for example, on the left, and point the fold at the corner to the center. Press down until the area is flat.

Do the same with the right corner.

Origami Heart Envelope

We continue to work with the corners, bend a small corner to the right.

Then left.

Origami Heart Envelope

Now fold the top corners down.

Origami Heart Envelope

Turn the paper over to the other side. You can already see the heart on top of the future envelope.

Fold the left side over, aligning the top with the heart and trying to make the fold the same width along its entire length.

Origami Heart Envelope

Fold in the right side.

Origami Heart Envelope

Raise the heart up so it doesn’t get in the way. Then fold the bottom part, folding it up to the first fold.

Origami Heart Envelope

Lay out the paper, apply glue to the sides (the area is shaded in the photo).

Lift the bottom part again and glue it in the area of the sides.

That’s it, the origami envelope with the heart is ready.

Origami Heart Envelope

You can put a message to your loved one, candy, or, for example, a homemade Valentine card in it.

Origami Heart Envelope

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