Quilling Christmas Garland

Quilling Christmas Garlands

When creating Christmas cards, you can use both different materials and manufacturing techniques. A great idea is a quilling Christmas garland, which can become part of a Christmas card, its voluminous and beautiful decoration.

You can also decorate the room with such a garland: windows, doors, individual items.

To make a garland you will need:

  • paper strips of different colors;
  • special tool for quilling;
  • white glue;
  • wooden skewer;
  • scissors;
  • template with recesses of different sizes.

Quilling Christmas Garland Step by Step

Let’s start by making light bulbs for our garland. First, take 2 strips of red color and glue them together. Then we twist and place in a template with a recess of 20 mm.

We take out the finished circle and fix the tip of the strip with glue.

We will need to make a few more such circles (according to the number of light bulbs on the garland). To create a blue light bulb, we will glue 2 strips and twist them into a 20 mm blank.

According to this principle, we make the required number of multi-colored circles.

Now they need to be given a more elongated, drop-shaped shape. To do this, gently squeeze the circle on one side.

So we formed blanks for light bulbs of the desired shape.

Quilling Christmas Garlands

Next, we need green stripes, from which we will make the upper parts for the light bulbs. First, we twist the green strip, forming an element with a diameter of 10 mm.

We take it out of the template, fix the tip of the strip with glue.

Then from this circle it is required to form a square. We give the desired shape with your fingers.

We make the required number of such elements.

We begin to glue these green blanks on top of the light bulbs.

Quilling Christmas Garlands

Here we have such bright multi-colored light bulbs.

Quilling Christmas Garlands

It remains to make the basis for the garland. To do this, we need a green paper strip and a thin wooden stick. Gently wind the strip around this stick. Then we remove it, we get a spiral paper blank.

We begin to glue the light bulbs to this base.

Quilling Christmas Garlands

Everything, a quilling Christmas garland in the form of multi-colored paper light bulbs is ready. It can be made by the whole team at school or kindergarten and decorate the room, Christmas tree, Christmas cards.

Quilling Christmas Garlands

If you need larger bulbs, you should glue several strips together and form a circle from it first, and then a drop.

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