Snail Crafts For Kids from Different Materials

Snail Crafts

Interested in how to make a snail? Collection snail crafts for kids is for you! Here are snails made of paper, clay, pinecones. Made in the technique of origami, in the form of collages, crafts.

In this review, only a brief description of the craft, but with links to a detailed tutorial, located on the website Choose from a collection of interesting options, prepare accessories, get creative and have fun creating these funny creatures.

How to Make a Snail — Snail Crafts in a Variety of Ways

Origami Snail

Origami Snail

One of the easiest ways to fold a snail from a square piece of paper. Just 5 simple steps, additions in the form of antennae, eyes, and the snail is ready. Follow the link below to make the same snail easily and quickly.

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How to Make an Origami Snail

How to Make an Origami Snail

Another way to create a snail in the origami technique. It takes only 8 simple steps that even children can handle.

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Paper Snails in Love

Snail with the Heart

This craft is most often preferred for Valentines. Funny snails are easy to make, they look interesting and original. The snail itself consists of a body in the form of a strip, and a shell in the shape of a heart.

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Snail from Hearts

Heart Snail Craft

Another clam option that can be made for Valentine’s Day. The shell consists of several hearts of different colors and sizes, resulting in an interesting three-dimensional look. The snail itself is attached to a barbecue stick, but you can also decorate a pencil or pen with it.

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A Simple Snail on a Leaf

Paper Snail

Another paper snail for kids that doesn’t require much effort. All actions consist in cutting a strip with antennae and twisting this strip into a roll. As a result of these actions, you will get an interesting character with an original shell. The leaf can be very different, not necessarily a complex maple, but simply rounded, drawn by hand.

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Snail in the Form of an Collage

Quilling Snail

This work is very simple, the only complicating moment of which is a voluminous shell in the form of quilling — multi-colored strips of paper twisted into a spiral circle. The rest of the details are a simple flat collage.

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How to Make a Clay Snail

A variety of snails can be molded from clay: in the form of crafts, collages, with the addition of natural materials, for example, pinecones, chestnuts.

Clay Snail

Clay Snail

Consists of three parts: body, shells and head. All the details are simple, since the head is an ordinary ball, the body is an elongated and flattened roller, and the shell is a long roller rolled into a spiral. Modeling is simple, it will bring only pleasure from a job well done and a funny character.

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Snail from a Pinecone and Clay

Pinecone Snail

Craft from combined materials. Where the torso with the head is clay, and the shell is an ordinary pinecone. Of course, if desired, it can be painted with gouache in the desired colors, but even in its natural form, the snail looks interesting and original.

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Clay Painting Snail

Clay Painting SnailThe difference from the usual crafts is that the work is flatter, placed on a base, most often cardboard. Here, a shell made of clay balls of different colors is significant and beautiful.

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Snail crafts for kids is completed. Successful and fun creative process!

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