How to Make a Mouse? TOP 10+ Handmade Mice of Various Materials

How to Make a Mouse

How to make a mouse? For your attention easy crafts for children, how to make a mouse using paper and other materials. Simple ideas of paper strips, toilet paper rolls, colored cardboard and paper, playdough, foamiran, chenille stem.

Already there are quite a lot of mice crafts on website – it’s time to put them together for convenience’s sake.

How to Make a Mouse? TOP 10 Easy Ideas for Kids

Paper Cone Mouse

How to Make a Mouse

A simple idea how to make a mouse using paper. You can easily make a cone of half a circle, but a version of a faceted cone is more interesting. Follow the link to find a detailed instruction and s a template.

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Toilet Paper Roll Mouse

Paper rolls crafts are extremely popular with children and not only. If it’s impossible to use a paper roll, you can make a small cardboard roll. It’ll make the mouse’s ready body. Then, use small details specific to this character to turn the paper roll into an amusing mouse.

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Paper Strips Mouse

How to Make a Mouse

As is the case with paper rolls, the technique of crafting characters of paper stripes is extremely popular as well. The mouse consists of several intersecting strips and a head with ears specific to mice. You can also use strips to make a head and then glue ears, muzzle, and eyes separately. The instruction offers two options – an everyday and a winter (Christmas) mouse.

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What is the Easiest Way to Make a Mouse?

How to Make a Mouse

Probably it can’t be easier: cut out a rather wide paper strip, fold it in half and glue its tips together. Then, add ears, eyes, nose, and whiskers. The mouse is ready. A perfect option for children.

Mouse With Cheese

How to Make a Mouse

An attractive composition that can be used to decorate a table or another surface. The craft consists of an easy mouse made of a cardboard triangle and cheese – the same triangular piece of yellow paper with small holes cut out of it.

Origami Mouse

How to Make a Mouse

There are several ways to fold an origami mouse. This is the easiest one, since it includes no more than 4 steps. Follow the link to find a detailed instruction for making the same tiny rodent. Optionally, you can attach a tail to it.

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Origami Mouse (2 Method)

How to Make a Mouse

The second method of making such a mouse is suitable for kids as well. The mouse consists of two parts: a head and a body. But it is quick and easy to fold them.

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Mouse of Paper Hearts

How to Make a Mouse

A classic craft for St. Valentine’s Day. However you can also make it in, for example, grey color for any event. The mouse consists of several paper hearts of various sizes. With whiskers and a tail. Very simple and quick.

Paper Rat

How to Make a Mouse

Usually in kids’ crafts, there is little difference between a rat and a mouse. Therefore, this paper rat may very well pass as a mouse. Its main advantage is that it’s easy to make, since all you will need is a triangular piece of cardboard to make the body. And small details to form its ears, tail, eyes, nose and whiskers.

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Quilling Mouse

Quilling Mouse

Making various crafts from narrow paper strips is known as quilling. In this master class we will make a quilling mouse.

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Playdough Rats and Mice

Cute White Mouse

How to Make a Mouse

Made of white playdough with black nose and eyes. This festive mouse in a red cap makes a real New Year souvenir.

Playdough Rat

How to Make a Mouse

An amusing rat with sharp teeth. Made of black and pink playdough using a simple method. A perfect kids’ craft.

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Foamiran Mouse

How to Make a Mouse

A simple crafted mouse made of a white foamiran of uncommon texture with a pink tail, ears and nose. The main work involves creating circles of various sizes, which will form the mouse.

Chenille Stem Mouse

How to Make a Mouse

You can make such a funny mouse of three parts of chenille stem and an ice cream stick. All you need to do is to make solid spirals of various sizes.

Postcards and applique works with mice

Postcard With a Rat

How to Make a Mouse

A 3D postcard that includes simple shapes of hearts, ovals, and stripes. Easy work for children.

Applique Work With Mice and the Christmas Tree

How to Make a Mouse

Various materials have been used for the craft. These include cardboard, colored paper, cotton pads, and buttons. An interesting and creative idea for kids. A template is provided as well.

How to Make a Mouse

How to Make a Mouse

Felt Mouse with Cheese

How to Make a Mouse

We offer to make a small craft from felt using this tutorial. This time it will be a felt mouse with cheese.

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Paper Bats

Toilet Paper Roll Bat

How to Make a Mouse

An amusing craft made of toilet paper roll with the wings of accordion paper. The roll top is slightly folded and glued. This makes up ears. Wings are made separately by folding the accordion. Wings, eyes and a tusky smile are glued to the roll and the mouse is ready. A great Halloween craft.

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Paper Accordion Bat

How to Make a Mouse

By using a readymade template that you can find in the instruction, it’s easy to complete the main part of the work – to cut out the bat. Then, you should fold in to make an accordion so that it can turn into a ready bat craft.

How to Make a Halloween Paper Bat?

How to Make a Mouse

The bat consists of halves of paper circles, specially folded. The whole point of the craft is that it attaches to a wooden stick that can be pinned into a flowerpot or between books, thus significantly changing an interior for Halloween.

How to Make a Mouse

Now you know how to make a mouse in a variety of ways.

Many other ideas in the collection of Paper Animals Craft.

Crafts for Kids – learn how to make craft at home! Super cute crafts for all age groups!

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